Instructions to Students

Please Read the following instructions carefully:

  1. Time table for semester one examination has been already communicated to you all through Course calendar: all may note it again:
  2. Date Paper Time Venue
    10th March, 2013 DILIT-01
    Information Technology
    10.30 a.m. to 13.30 p.m. PIIT Library,
    3rd Floor
    17th March, 2013
    Open Source Software and Technology
    10.30 a.m. to 13.30 p.m. PIIT Library,
    3rd Floor
    24th March, 2013 DILIT-05 Practical Module-I 10.00 a.m. onwards Computer Lab

  3. Attendance to Semester examination is mandatory to all PGDILIT students else the course would remain incomplete. Student would be allowed maximum half an hour late and he / she would remain in exam till end.

  4. As per gradation system followed all the theory papers and practical exam carry 100 marks each. 100 marks would be appropriated to 60 marks. For each paper and practical 40 marks have been assigned as internal Marks. The tutorial marks gained from 4 tutorials would also beĀ appropriated to 40 marks for each paper and practical. Theory marks + assignment marks would decide the credits earned in each paper / practical module, which would further decide the class obtained by the student.

  5. Portion for theory and practical examination would be based on presentations made so far and the tutorials written so far. There would be 10 questions in each theory paper and time available is 3 hours.

  6. Anyone having doubts may contact the coordinator through mail / mobile before the exam starts.

All are expected to come prepared for exam. I, Dr. D. N. Phadke, PGDILIT Course Director wish you all best of luck and will be available after 09.30 a.m.

Instructions to Students

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